Åva Retreat

Would you like to spend your time in a different way?

A 1-Day Retreat in Åva (Brändö) Åland Archipelago 

A "Mini Retreat"1-Day-Retreat in the Archipelago of the Åland Islands might be, what you are looking for. It doesn´t have to be a "big deal", to give yourself something special. If you are longing for tranquility and to relode with new energy, this could be the right thing for you. You can book a 1-day-retreat", which starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m (lunch time included).  Or you could stay over night, or some nights - if a room is available. Also bookable for only one person.

An Åva "miniretreat" includes arrangements like: mindfulness theory and exercises and "bodyscan" (content from MBSR =mindfulness based stress reduction), Yoga and a short meditation. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),"Tapping", which will help you to unlock energetic blockages and set positive energy free. That will give you a feeling of deeper recovery. Lunch is included. 

If you like, you have the possibility to book  a personal, 60-min-coaching setting at the end of the retreat. Or maybe you´ would like to try our wood-fired sauna?

The Retreat will take place on demand in 2024, and in english, if required. Please feel free to contact me for further questions and interest. This retreat is intended for one up to a maximum of six persons.

Welcome to Åva in summer 2024!