Price list


Adults from 23 yrs (60 min)

In February: a bottle of Bach Flower Remedies (30 ml) for free by booking a coaching setting

In February: only Coaching (without remedies) 50€.

(50€) 60 €

EFT "Tapping" Setting (50 min.)

personal talk and "tapping"

50 €

Personal Talk

Personal and individual talk (45 min)


Zoom Call

45 Min


First contact - free consultation

personal talk or on distance (zoom)

 (ca. 20 min.)

0 €


Youth under 23 years

60 min.

40 €

Coaching or Crisis Intervention

90 min.

90 €

Coaching package*                                          

5 x coaching á 60 min.

One free "Follow up" after 10x Coaching settings. Valid within 3 months after the last coaching setting

* A Coaching package is payed in advance on a bank account and valid within 6 months after payment. 

250* €

Free Follow Up

One free "Follow-up" setting, 60 min. after each 10x regular coaching settings. Valid within three months after the last setting appointment.

0 €

Information - Booking Appointments:

Booking of an appointment is binding, but can be cancelled without fees, within 24 h before appointment time. Later cancelled appointments will be invoiced by 50 % of the normal price. 

1-Day-Retreat  -  on demand                                       

incl. lunch and coffee

1-Day-Retreat & stay over night  (incl. lunch & breakfast)