EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques


Emotional Freedom Techniques

founded by Gary Craig

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT - "Tapping", is an efficient method for dissolving blockages in your energy system (chakra/meridians), causing mental disbalances, like: anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, bad self-esteem etc. But it can also be about physical pain with psychosomatic causes.

EFT can be used together with coaching, if needed.

EFT means that certain meridian points in your face, upper body and on your hands are "tapped" with two or more fingers. These points are connected with your human energy system (chakra/meridians). Before the procedure starts, we will have a personal conversation to learn about your issue - and how high you perceive your "Subjective Stress Level" (SSL) to be - on a scale. By "tipping" the EFT points, together with an initial "sentence", including an "affirmation", the level of stress will decrease - or the procedure will be repeated (or deepen) until a wished result has been reached. If needed in follow-up-appointments.